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Dec. 16th, 2005 | 11:51 pm
mood: coldcold
music: You Don't Know Me, Michael Buble
posted by: starwoman in fsusingers

I'm the sort of person who, if given the right frame of mind paired with the perfect song, can listen to that song for hours on end. That song is then classified among my "Current Favorite Songs" whenever I do a survey, which, as we all know, is quite frequently. For example. Right now, if asked, I would list Michael Buble's You Don't Know Me among my Current Favorites, while my Supreme Favorite Song is and always will be The Bangles' Eternal Flame.

I have a general rule for books and music, that is that if I hear mention of them by at least three different people, that song/band/artist/musical/book goes on the list for download/checking out at Barnes & Nobles. I've met so many cool artists by this fashion (the most recent including The Postal Service, Ryanhood, Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, Michael Buble, etc.) and I want to be introduced to more. And thats where you guys come in.

Since my friends (that would be you guys) have rather diverse and quite excellent taste in music, I thought I would pimp the following challenge both to my friends list and to a few of the communities I frequent:

Is there a song you really, really love, be it right now or your supreme favorite? Or maybe you know my taste in music and think I absolutely MUST be introduced to this song/band/artist/musical/etc. Send it to immortalgravity42@yahoo.com Even if you're not sure if its my thing, the list of what I DON'T like is considerably shorter than what I DO.

So hook me up. And I'll share the love.

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